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9-Bathroom-Space-Savers: Style Your Bath With LUTAVOY Classic Colletcion

Are you ready to remodel or organize your bathroom? Style your bath with LUTAVOY Classic Collection! LUTAVOY classic collection includes robe hook, towel ring,toilet paper holder,towel bar, soap dish and toothbrush holders,all sold separately,more choice for you.

Classic colletion mainly constructed from solid 304 stainless steel,which is highly rustproof,durable,resilient,hygienic, timeless and easy to maintain.Coated with brushed finishes

will definitely resist corrosion and tarninshing through everyday use.Won’t attract water spots or fingerprints or soap suds.

1. LUTAVOY LG03 Double Robe Hooks --View Product Details

Whether used in a commercial or residential application, this handy wall-mountable hook is a great space-saving solution. It works wonderfully in an entryway,hall way,kitchen,bathroom,mudroom or in an office.

Use it to hang towels,coats,hats,purses,headphones,bathrobes,umbrellas,backpacks,handbags and so much more.You will find that the possibilities for this double wall hooks is endless!

2. LUTAVOY LH10 Hand Towel Holder --View Product Details

3. LUTAVOY LM02 24inch Towel Bar --View Product Details

4. LUTAVOY LC17 Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder --View Product Details

5. LUTAVOY LD01 Soap Dish Holder --View Product Details

Installing 24 inch single towel rod and towel ring holder which orangize your towels or other stuffs very well.With toothbrush tumbler and soap dish holder near the sink,keep you ready

to start a new day.

LUTAVOY Bath hardwares on a powder room

6. LUTAVOY LZ11 Toilet Paper Roll Holder --View Product Details

7. LUTAVOY LS15 Toilet Cleaning Brush Set --View Product Details

Toilet paper roll holder with cover and the hideaway frosted glass toilet brush bowl & holder set which is great for compact area. Every bath needs both of them,and it's designed to increase the level of elegance in your home.

LZ11 Toilet Paper Roll Holder and LS Toilet Brush Set

8. LC09 Solid Brass Polish Chrome Soap Holder --View Product Details

Wheather use this soap holder on a kicthen or near a bath tub, it's polished chrome finishes

highly reflective.What's more,feature small holes at the base that allow excess water to drain.

LUTAVOY LC09 Solid Brass Chrome Soap Dish

9. LUTAVOY LC22 wall double toothbrush toothpaste holder --View Product Details

Save your space with LUTAVOY LC22 Double Tumbler Holder,a great fixture to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste dry, hygienic and clean. With double cups, meets a home's need.

lc22 double tumbler holder set stainless steel

Thanks for stop by. Welcome to share your ideas with LUTAVOY.


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